Sunday, September 27, 2009

Child's Play

Last weekend we had a big family dinner to celebrate Katie's birthday. While dinner was cooking, one of our nieces and one of our cousin's daughters - is there a name for your cousin's child? - decided to set the table using pretend food. Here are some photos of their work.

Some of their placements were very logical.

Some, however, were a bit more curious. For example, was everyone aware that the perfect accompaniment to cake and a glass of milk is, in fact, a single ruffled potato chip?

Bread plates are overrated. Bread should be served in a bowl.

Burgers are great. But everyone knows it's not a party unless you're eating chicken drumsticks out of a coffee pot.

That aside, here's what we actually ate that night:

A simple, yet delicious green salad, courtesy of Katie's mom.

Ravioli with homemade sauce, courtesy of Katie's dad.

Meatballs, courtesy of Katie's sister Becca, who didn't even stick around to enjoy her handiwork. Normally I'd be suspicious of any cook who doesn't partake, but these were phenomenal.

Here's my plate. I was a happy and well-fed man that night.


  1. how cute! the real food looks wonderful too!

  2. My favorite is the drumsticks in a coffee pot!