Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Few Months in Food, part 3

Going back to October, we have a bat-shaped Mickey Mouse cookie from Disneyland.

A Five-Dollar Footlong Coldcut Trio sandwich from Subway.

A chicken sandwich on a wheat bun, with fries, from Chick-Fil-A.

A tostada from Celia's Mexican Restaurant in San Mateo.
Lobster ravioli with peas.

The rest was served at my sister-in-law's birthday in November. As you'll see, it was quite the repast!

Baguette slices with pear and gorgonzola.

Bean dip with cheese and olives.

Wonton wrappers filled with corn, tomato and avocado.

Chicken and peanut lettuce wraps.

Cheese and grapes.

Turkey and pesto mini-sandwiches.

Potato skins topped with pulled pork and cheese.

More to come!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

With twelve minutes to go (on the West Coast, anyway) before it's officially December 26th, I thought I'd take a break from the photo update series to wish anyone who might be reading a festive, fun and happy holiday season. May you be surrounded by those you care about and well-fed this time of year.

Note that Santa Claus did bring me a Canon PowerShot SD 780 IS for Christmas, so hopefully the entries will be coming with a bit more regularity in 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Last Few Months in Food, part 2

Here's a visual account of what my family and I ate and drank on Thanksgiving.

A mid-afternoon margarita is always delicious, even when it's cold outside.

Baked brie with crackers.

Cream cheese and jalapeno pepper jelly.

Marinated olives and pepperoncinis.

Turkey, carved and ready to serve.

It's not Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes!

Butternut squash casserole.

Broccoli cauliflower casserole.

Among the many desserts we enjoyed that night was an Italian rum custard cake... well as cheesecake, and a surprisingly delicious apple-cherry pie. Yes, there's some chocolate on the plate as well.

More to come!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Last Few Months in Food, part 1

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that the photo updates have been scarce, as I’ve found myself without the regular use of a reliable point-and-shoot camera the last few months. Thus I've photographed in two months what it formerly took me a week or two to photograph. Hopefully Christmas morning sees the situation remedied. (Hint, hint, Santa Claus.) As the title indicates, here are some photos of things I’ve eaten since October, if not earlier.

A pretty simple sandwich: pastrami, ham, turkey and chicken with Swiss cheese on a French dip roll.

The Black and Blue Burger from ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney. Having visited Disneyland in October, I found myself craving the assorted sliders that we'd ordered during our last visit, but in true ESPN Zone style, they are no longer on the menu. Oh well. As I said in April, the Black and Blue Burger never disappoints.

Here's a small sundae I ordered at a Foster's Freeze in Firebaugh, on the way home from Disneyland. In my formative years I would stop at the Foster's Freeze in Lower Lake, California while driving to or from my family's vacation home in Clearlake. I haven't been to a Foster's Freeze in more than fifteen years. And while this sundae is certainly nothing to make a chain like Coldstone fear for its revenue stream, it satisfied my craving for decent-tasting and relatively cheap ice cream.

This is a carne asada burrito from Los Pericos, a taqueria I've been frequenting in Hayward. I've eaten there once a week for the last three weeks on my way to or from the Bay Area. I think a review may be in order.

A grilled ham and cheese sandwich with fries, from Paul's at the Villa in San Mateo.

The blue cheese chopped salad from Outback Steakhouse: A tangy blend of blue cheese, walnuts, lettuce and vinaigrette. When Katie and I go to Outback, we both order one with our meal. Since she's pregnant, Katie is trying to limit her blue cheese intake, which means that I get it added to my own salad. Having a child is truly a miracle!

Hot pastrami Reuben from Jack's Urban Eats in Folsom.

Urban fries, also from Jack's Urban Eats: Fries covered with blue cheese and chili oil. They are even more addictive than that description would have you believe.

Another sandwich. Hey, they're quick, easy and tasty!

My cousin's son turned one this month. This is the three-tiered, jungle-themed cake made for the guests.

He, of course, got his own cake to smash, eat, or do whatever a one year-old does.

More to come!