Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day: What I Ate

As they've done for the past few years, my cousin Phil and his wife Gina threw a huge party on the Fourth of July. There were around a hundred and fifty people, but enough food - most of it homemade - for three times that many. Behold:

Red, white and blue popcorn. Patriotic, and tasty!

Seen here are spring rolls with spinach, goat cheese, strawberries and pecans. In the center of the platter is a raspberry dipping sauce that nicely complemented the various ingredients.

Barbecued chicken.

There was plenty of tri-tip as well.

There were lots of hot dogs for the kids.

Here's my first plate: Chicken wings, spring rolls, barbecued chicken, a corn muffin, and some of the creamiest macaroni and cheese I've ever had the pleasure of eating.

Here's my second plate: Barbecued chicken, macaroni and cheese, spring rolls, tri-tip, chili, and a corn muffin.

After the food was served and guests had some time to eat and relax a bit, we lined up to taste and vote on a variety of chilis brought by guests. The styles ran the gamut from heartier, stew-like dishes to meatless chilis and everything in between. Some had pork, some had chicken, some were spicy and others were not. I didn't take any pictures of the actual chili - I was way too busy sampling it.

The hosts pulled out all the stops for dessert as well: There were enough cupcakes and cookies to go around, as well as pie, cake and fresh fruit.

In the afternoon there was a pool tournament, as well as a game of bean-bag toss that lasted several hours. In spite of occasional wind, the Bay Area weather held up nicely, and it was a wonderful day spent with family and friends. I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth as much as we did!


  1. That looks like a hell of a party! Good times!

  2. WOW. Now that is what I call a party! Looks like a great time.

  3. Holy smokes! How do I get invited to a shindig like THAT?!?! I can't help but wonder how much that cost them...

  4. Yeah, it was an amazing bash. They have similar gatherings for Christmas, special occasions, or just whenever.

    Jess - all of our friends have a standing invitation for life. All you have to do is be willing to make the drive..

  5. This looks like quite a feast!! :)

  6. Yikes! Serious fiesta envy--

  7. Great pictures. That was an amazing spread.