Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Week in Food: Dessert Edition

I'm not much of a dessert-eater. When going out to dinner, it's rare that I "save room" for dessert. I am not an aficionado of cake or pie, preferring cookies, candy and ice cream over either of these. Most of the time, however, I find that a good meal doesn't need anything to top it off. That's not to say that I don't like dessert; far from it. I suppose that I like dessert as much as the next guy, but I'd much rather fill up on dinner itself. Having said that, here are a few desserts I've enjoyed recently.

For our second wedding anniversary, Katie and I had dinner at The Melting Pot, as it is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion: Fun, intimate, and more pricey than the average "just because" casual dining spot. Here's the dessert tray, which includes such dippable morsels as strawberries, bananas, Rice Krispy squares, marshmallows rolled in chocolate and graham crackers, pound cake, brownies, and a small wedge of cheesecake that you can barely make out in the photo. We ordered the original chocolate fondue, which is combined with crunchy peanut butter to lend the perfect accent to the aforementioned items.

A chocolate cake doughnut, with nuts.

I'm a fan of casino buffets, and tend to eat at them more than I actually gamble. In other words, it's not unusual for me to go to a casino solely for the food. And to contradict my introduction to this post, in spite of the obscene amount of food I might consume at an all-you-can-eat casino buffet, I frequently do save room for dessert. Here's a piece of carrot cake from the Waterfall Buffet at nearby Red Hawk Casino.

A mint Aero chocolate bar. Manufactured by Nestlé for sale outside the United States, regular and mint-flavored Aero bars have been a favorite of mine since a 2005 trip to Ireland wherein I found myself craving them almost as much as the Guinness. Upon returning home, I found myself craving them, until I found them in a local specialty candy store.

Here's a very delectable fruit tart I got to sample at a party last night. Despite its richness, I could easily have eaten half of it.


  1. Nothing better than the dessert at Melting Pot. So friggin' good!

  2. Nice fruit tart! I am definitely a dessert person.