Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Pasta Salad

I prepared this recipe earlier this week and took it to a family function, where it was a great accompaniment to barbecued steak, chicken and ribs.

9 oz rotini pasta
8 oz Mozzarella Ciliegine (i.e. cherry tomato size)
6 oz artichoke hearts
8 tbsp olives (kalamata and Sicilian olives used here)
1/2 tsp chopped pimiento
1 small tomato
1 slice red onion
8 oz vinaigrette dressing (Ken's Steakhouse Balsamic & Basil Vinaigrette used here)

Boil rotini, drain, and rinse in cold water.
Chop artichoke hearts, olives, tomato and onion. Mix with rotini in serving bowl.
Halve mozzarella pieces and add to bowl.
Toss with dressing and serve.


  1. Delicious summer pasta salad! The artichokes and pimentos are great additions!

  2. LOL.....pass! Where are the hamburgers?!?!?

  3. This looks delicious - love the artichokes.

  4. That sounds very good. I love pasta salads that don't have mayo in them!

  5. Me too, Megan. I think the mayo would make it a bit too heavy for my tastes. It was a pretty tasty pasta salad, thanks in part to the artichokes, which were a nice touch.

    MrManuel - funny you should mention that. I've got a great recipe for portobello mushroom burgers that you are going to love! ;)

  6. It looks to be a great salad to enjoy during the summer. I love the combination of flavors!