Friday, February 26, 2010

Many Chickens Died to Bring You This Blog Entry, or Super Bowl Eating

The Super Bowl goes hand-in-hand with greasy, often deep-fried food. Chicken wings, pizza, barbecued sausages, nachos - you name it, if it's unhealthy it'll probably make the Big Game even more entertaining than it already is. There's nothing I can say about Super Bowl eating that hasn't already been said; for a lively audio discussion check out the January 27, 2008 edition of Munchcast with Leo Laporte and Cammy Blackstone.

What I can do, however, is show off the Super Bowl Sunday snacking menu at my in-laws' house where I watched the game with about fifteen people. Yes, I will re-affirm that the food shown below was not eaten by an army of fifty or more people.

Store-bought Mexican dip consisting of tomatoes, beans, cheese, olives, and onions:

Deli tray with crackers, cheese, salami and olives:

Homemade meatballs:

Possibly the most delicious thing I've enjoyed in recent years, my sister-in-law Caryn's homemade dip, consisting of Buffalo chicken, blue cheese, and shredded Monterey Jack cheese. It was unbelievable with corn chips, and I'm still waiting for the recipe.

Pizza Rolls. Since Katie's been pregnant, she's been unable to eat pizza, something to do with seeing the grease and congealed cheese, or something. Since she can't see the grease, cheese, or for that matter the tiny blobs of fat in the "meat", she has no problem eating Pizza Rolls.

Pineapple sausages, sliced:

Some sort of commercially-available breaded chicken strips, undoubtedly found in your grocer's freezer section:

Orange chicken, similar to that sold at Panda Express. I'm not sure of the brand, though the size of the container indicates that they're probably from Costco or another "Y2K-scale-emergency quantities" type of store. Not bad.

Chicken wings. No clue about the origin of these babies. By the time they were brought out, I'd already gone through a couple plates of food, and I don't think I actually touched them.

All in all, I enjoyed the game, though my digestive tract got sacked bigtime. Additionally, I really did mean to post this shortly after the Big Game. Unfortunately I, uh, just got my film developed. Sorry about that.

Lenten Friday Failure, Week 2*: A slice of Big Sur pizza from Pizza My Heart, eaten and digested not an hour ago. Superb, and well worth burning in hell for.

*Note that there was no Lenten Friday Failure, Week 1. By an amazing coincidence, I happened to abstain completely from meat last Friday.


  1. Count me as waiting for that dip recipe as well, please.

  2. Yeah, I am going to need that recipe. Or at least have it given to Jess.