Friday, June 12, 2009

The Week in Food

I was planning to do another Wordless Wednesday entry this week. I brainstormed a little, then took a few pictures that seemed to speak for themselves, and decided on the best one to upload. As I woke up yesterday I looked forward to posting it, until I realized that it was Thursday. Then I felt supremely foolish. So it looks like Wordless Wednesday is going to have to wait. In the meantime, here's what I've been enjoying.

Homemade bratwursts. (No, they were not made by me, though they were so good I wish I could take the credit.)

A chicken super burrito from Jalisco Grill. Rather than including both "before" and "after" shots, this time I decided to include a "two bites in" shot.

A small Mary's Combination pizza from Mary's Pizza Shack.

Katie's famous English toffee. Although I wanted to, I didn't eat the entire batch.

An exquisite dessert expertly crafted by Katie's cousin Roya: Angel food cake topped with fresh whipped cream, sliced strawberries, blueberries and lavender.


  1. I love Mary's Pizza! And that dessert looks fabulous! We make something very similar to that - puree the strawberries and add some nectarines.

  2. Homemade bratwurst, huh? Cool, never tried anything like that before.

  3. English toffee... Oops! Let me clean up my drool.

  4. Kelly - Mary's is actually one of my favorite pizza chains, and has been for years. In my early twenties when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, there were no Mary's restaurants nearby, but I would frequently eat at the Mary's in Napa and Dixon, and I developed quite a fondness for it. When they opened the location here in Roseville, I hadn't eaten at Mary's in quite a few years, but the food was as good as ever!

    MrManuel - the homemade bratwurst were made by my brother-in-law, who is quite the gifted chef. Anything he makes is good, and these were no exception. He brought them on a recent weekend camping trip we took, and on Sunday morning as we all got ready to leave, we decided to leave most of the leftover food there. We had a long drive and not enough ice, so it probably wouldn't have kept, but considering the work that went into them, and how good they were, it was pretty sad to leave them behind.

    Miss Sassy Pants - this batch, like all the others, was quite drool-worthy. Let us know when you want more!